Welcome to Thunderclap Casino

Welcome to Thunderclap Casino

You think you know luck?

There are many kinds of luck, but those who come here to find their fortune think only of the good. You can’t imagine luck so bad it destroys you. You don’t believe that such a thing is even possible. You think you are different. You think you are special. You wager what you cannot afford to lose. You do not consider the consequences of your actions. And then, before you know it, you are lost. It has always been this way. I once thought like you, but the many years I have spent here have taught me that fortune may favor the bold, but it abandons everyone in the end. You will see. I will take you to the other side of luck, the kind that is the opposite of chance. You will learn that luck doesn’t matter when your fate has been sealed for centuries. Come with me and I will show you just how lucky you are.

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Easy to get to, hard to leave.

Thunderclap Casino Yukemaya Indian Reservation Falls City, CA